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Oil tanker catches fire in Bahawalpur 153 kill


fire in Bahawalpur

BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan (AP) — An upset oil tanker blasted into flares in Pakistan on Sunday, killing 153 individuals who had hurried to the scene of the interstate mishap to assemble spilling fuel, a clinic official said as the loss of life kept on rising.

Dr. Javed Iqbal at Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital in south Punjab said the most recent passings happened at a healing facility in Multan  Where a portion of the 50 fundamentally harmed., a considerable lot of whom endured broad consumers, had been taken.

The loss of life could rise further as handfuls are still in the first condition, said Dr. Mohammad Baqar, a senior safeguard official in the zone. There were many different wounds of shifting degree, he said.



Neighborhood news channels indicated dark smoke surging skyward and scores of consumed bodies, and also save authorities speeding the harmed to healing center and armed force helicopters shipping the injured.

Sano or Ahmad, 30, whose two cousins were slaughtering in the fire, said the horde of individuals shouted as the blazes immersed them.

The fire moved so quickly, he said. At the point when the flames died down the field was strewn with bodies, and close-by were the burned shells of bikes and autos that the villagers had used to race to the scene.



As the injured shouted out for help occupants meandered through the zone searching for friends and family.

Zulkha Bibi was looking for her two children.

“Somebody should educate me regarding my adored children, where are they? Is it accurate to say that they are alive or would they say they are no longer in this world? If it’s not too much trouble let me know,” she argued.

Eid al-Fitr

The debacle went ahead the eve of the Muslim occasion of Eid al-Fitr, which denotes the finish of the fasting month of Ramadan. While Saudi Arabia and most other Muslim nations praised the opening Sunday, Pakistanis will stamp it on Monday.

The tanker was driving from the southern port city of Karachi to Lahore, the Punjab provincial capital when the driver lost control and slammed on the national expressway outside fire in Bahawalpur.

An amplifier on a nearby mosque alarmed villagers to the spilling fuel, and scores dashed to the site with Jerry jars, said Rana Mohammad Salim, agent official of fire in Bahawalpur.

Expressway police moved rapidly to divert activity, however, couldn’t stop the scores of villagers who hustled to gather the fuel, representative Imran Shah told a neighborhood TV channel.

At the point when the fire emitted, a similar mosque amplifier approached the rest of the villagers to help put it out.

Mohammed Salim kept running toward the smoke conveying containers of water and sand, however, said the warmth was excessively dangerous, making it impossible to come to those in require.

“I could hear individuals shouting yet I couldn’t get to them,” he said.

Abdul Malik, a nearby cop who was likewise among the first to arrive, depicted a “terrible scene.”

“I have never observed anything like it in my life. Casualties caught in the fireball. They were shouting for help,” he said.

At the point when the fire died down, “we saw bodies all around, such a large number of were simply skeletons. The general population who were alive were not doing so good, He said.

30 bikes

Observers said in regards to 30 bikes that had conveyed villagers to the mishap site lay scorched close-by. Eight different vehicles were demolishing, they said.

A very delicate situation was pronouncing at the Victoria Hospital in a fire in Bahawalpur, said Dr.Iqbal. Inside 15 minutes of the fire the healing center had brought in additional specialists and nurture and had framed a group to deal with the crisis.

Iqbal said a significant portion of the patients endured consumers to upward of 80 percent of their bodies. In the wake of being settled 22 patients were exchanged by C-130 airplane. A healing facility in the commonplace capital, Lahore. The absolute most gravely consumed were emptied by armed force helicopters to Multan, around 100 kilometers (60 miles) away.

The dead included men, ladies, and kids. Many were the score to the point of being unrecognizable, Baqar stated, and should be recognized utilizing DNA testing.

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