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Huge fire at Spain music festival prompts exodus


Spain music festival

A large fire constrained more than 22 000 individuals to escape an electronic music celebration close Barcelona in an episode that coordinators faulted for a specialized blame.

Nobody was harmed in Saturday’s burst after firefighters expediently quenched blazes at the Tomorrowland festival in Santa Coloma de Gramenet in the nation’s upper east.

However, around 20 individuals must be dealt with for tension assaults or minor wounds, the fire benefit said in an announcement, taking note of that 22 143 people must be expelled in light of the inferno.

The film of the episode indicated one side of the stage devoured by monster blazes, a shower of sparkles pouring down as individuals fled and dark smoke surged up.

It was not clear precisely what caused the fire, but rather coordinators said on their Facebook page it was because of a specialized glitch.

“On account of the expert mediation of the specialists each of the 22,000 guests was cleared securely and without reports of wounds,” they said.

As indicated by different pictures via web-based networking media the show seemed, by all accounts, to be attracted to a nearby after fireworks demonstrated when the fire began.

A current safeguard official disclosed to AFP the main caution was gotten at 10.45 (20:45 GMT) and the fire was stifled 35 minutes after the fact by when all the show goers had cleared out.

“The well-being anticipates the occasion worked splendidly,” said the authority, noticing that there had not been freeze among the group.

The video demonstrated a monster screen showing the message: “Keep quiet and take after directions.”

Fire specialists were expected Sunday to research at the scene of the burst, nearby authorities from the organization that raised the stage, having first expelled any hazardous leftovers.

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