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Hurricane Maria: Trump to visit storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria: US President Donald Trump has declared he will go to Puerto Rico one week from now in the midst of a developing emergency in the wake of decimation caused by Hurricane Maria.

The intense tempest left no less than 13 individuals dead in the US domain and thumped out

water, power and telephone utilities on the island.

“That island was hit as hard as you can hit,” he told journalists on Tuesday.

Puerto Rico’s representative has bid for government help and cautioned the island was on the precarious edge of a compassionate emergency.

Maria tore through Puerto Rico, home to 3.5m individuals, as a standout amongst the most capable tropical storms in almost 90 years, straightening homes and foundation.

Mr. Trump has attested that the US was sending sustenance, water, and supplies on “an hourly premise.”

“Puerto Rico is vital to me,” he said at the White House on Tuesday, “the general population is incredible. I experienced childhood in New York, so I know numerous Puerto Rican individuals.”

The president’s declaration came after the chairman of San Juan, Puerto Rico, requested that the US put “people above obligation.”

“You don’t put responsibility above individuals, you put people above obligation,” Mayor Carmin Yulin told CNN in a meeting on Tuesday.

“There is an ethical fundamental … When somebody is in require, when somebody is in critical need, when somebody is in a crucial circumstance, there is a human, moral essential to managing that time before managing whatever else,” Mayor Yulin said.

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