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London mosque attack witness shows picture of attacker

London mosque attack

A witness to the attack on Muslims in the Finsbury Park area of London shows what he says is a photo he took of the attacker before police took him away.

Observers to the speculated dread assault nearby Finsbury Park Mosque have discussed their stun and dead after a van furrowed into walkers – yet said they plan to return this evening for Ramadan supplications.

Counter dread police are examining the occurrence in North London, in which one man has passed on, and a few here home.

Bahia Al-Maleh, 41, who has lived in Finsbury Park for a long time, said the van struck walkers in the city soon after 12 pm outside her home on Seven Sisters Road, where many individuals were accumulating after supplications at the mosque.

I had returned from the mosque and was eating at home. I heard shouting and yells and went outside. I saw heaps of individuals running and going inside,” she revealed to The Independent.


“My neighbor was there, calling: ‘Help, enable, he’s too down there.’ A man was under the van – goodness my god. Individuals were shouting as they didn’t know whether there was another aggressor.”

London mosque attack Crisis administrations laborers came and attempted to haul the man out, said Ms. Al-Maleeh. “His leg was broke. His arm has broken, his head – he was seeping from his ear.

A man was regurgitating, another man with a broken leg, somebody behind the auto, another in front, around six or seven altogether.”

“Two young ladies who had seen the van said the way it drove was ponder. The people group around there are all originating from the mosque around then, and he intended to get that gathering.

Police said the white 48-year-old man who was driving the van has been captured on doubt of endeavored murder and taken to a healing center as insurance.

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