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Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after cockpit

Flight MH128 was bound for Kuala Lumpur but were airborne for just minutes


A Malaysia Airlines plane turns back has been compelled to swing back to Melbourne air terminal after a traveler attempted to enter the cockpit.

Flight MH128, headed for Kuala Lumpur, was obliged to return “because of a problematic traveler,” an announcement from the carrier said.

The aircraft said that the flight landed securely and the traveler was captured.

The traveler apparently asserted to have explosives.

In any case, Malaysia’s Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz canister Kaprawi said “it was not a bomb but rather a power back,” as indicated by the AFP organization.

The traveler seemed, by all accounts to be tanked. He said – however, was overwhelmed by the plane’s team.

Victoria Police stated: “The man did not pick up the passage to the cockpit. The man was repressed, and a security plan was authorized.”

“There gives off an impression of being no fast approaching danger to travelers, staff or open.”


Instagram by passenger David Henderson: “MH128 boarded by armed police. No one hurt”

Malaysia Airlines plane turns back

Passengers have safely left the plane and will be screened by Australian authorities, Malaysia Airlines said.

Both the airline and Australian authorities will investigate, it added.

The statement from Malaysia Airlines said the Airbus A330 was in the air for just 30 minutes of its eight-hour flight time before landing.

Flight tracking website FlightRadar24 reported that a number of flights had been diverted while the incident was being dealt with, but that the airport is now operating as normal.

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