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Nicole Kidman rare red carpet fashion fail

Nicole Kidman rare red carpet

Our homegrown star wowed the group at Cannes for over seven days, turning out dazzling take care of look on celebrity central.

With four movies in conflict at Cannes and returning of the of her champion execution on HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, Kidman is getting a charge out of a profession renaissance weeks from her 50th birthday celebration.

And keep in mind that her Cannes celebrity lane outfits have been uniformly adulated, one brave gathering handled her on a couple most noticeably bad dressed records.


Nicole Kidman Image

Kidman at Cannes. Picture


Those shoulders could cut glass


It’s hard to blame whatever is left of her Cannes looks, however — Kidman’s turned out a progression of immaculate outfits on celebrity main street, now and again supplemented by a final extra in spouse Keith Urban.


Ballerina realness


Rocking a boldly patterned gown


Look we’re not wild about this one, but Kidman’s selling it with that grin


Nicole Kidman: Actual movie star princess.

The woman turns 50 on June 20

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