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Qatar seeks political solution to GCC crisis


Qatar seeks political

Qatar‘s foreign minister has dismissed a list of 13 demands by Saudi Arabia and three of its allies.

A flurry of diplomacy is under way to prevent the GCC crisis from spinning out of control.



Qatar has as of now presented its reaction to Kuwaiti go-betweens and its outside clergyman has said the requests were so unreasonable they were “intended to be rejected”.

UAE authorities have told the BBC that after the due date lapses the offer for Qatar to come back to the Arab overlap will be off the table, the financial and political endorses on it will end up plainly perpetual, and Qatar will be segregated by its nearest Arab eight hours.

The West should stress over this most recent emergency in the Middle East for two reasons.

To begin with, Qatar is a major partner in the on-going battle against purported Islamic State (IS). Qatar has al-Udaid, the biggest US airbase in the Middle East.

Furthermore, Qatar has an expected $335bn (£254bn) deliberately contributed all around, with billions directed into the UK and US economies. On the off chance that the West is compelled to pick amongst Qatar and its adversaries then those speculations could, hypothetically, be at hazard.





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