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Sri Lanka to probe 2011 World Cup cricket defeat

2011 World Cup

COLOMBO Sri Lanka’s games serve gave his help Wednesday for an examination concerning the nation’s questionable 2011 World Cup misfortune against India, in the midst of new assertions of match settling.

The South Asian country lost the World Cup decided by six wickets at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, shocking the cricket-distraught island. At that point, Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara surrendered not long after the match.

Weight has since been mounting for an investigation into the stun vanquish, with a former cricket skipper and past games serve opening up to the world about their doubts that Sri Lanka purposely lost the match.

“The affirmations justify an examination,” Dayasiri Jayasekera told columnists in Colombo.

“When I get a composed grumbling, I will begin a test.”

Sri Lanka, batting to start with, scored 274-6 off 50 overs and showed up in a directing position when Indian hotshot Sachin Tendulkar was gotten for 18.

India turned the diversion significantly because of poor handling and knocking down some pins by Sri Lanka.

The games serve at the time Mahindananda Aluthgamage has raised new concerns, telling neighborhood media there were “a few irritating components about that amusement.”

Four a minute ago changes were made to the Sri Lankan side without earlier endorsement looking for from the games serve, rupturing tradition.

“At that point, there are likewise inquiries concerning the conduct of a highly senior player. Amid the match, directions sent to the field were disregard,” Aluthgamage stated, without naming the player being the referee too.

The former clergyman said he propelled a request after the match. However, the examination was abandoning.

His worries took after speedy on the heels of remarks from former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga, who last Friday requested an application be held to uncover the “earth” on dodgy cricketers.

A year ago, the International Cricket Council forced a three-year prohibition on a best Sri Lankan official Jayananda Warnaweera for neglecting to participate with a hostile to defilement examination.

Sri Lankan players and umpires have been blaming for coordinate settling previously, however, Warnaweera was the central high positioning authority to be discovered liable and punished.

Wagering is illicit in a significant portion of the cricket-distraught Indian subcontinent, yet backstreet bookmakers – numerous with black market joins – still thrive.

Albeit no huge name Sri, Lankan player has ever been sentenced debasement, a few former stars have made claims of match settling or spot-settling – when players purposely bowl or field severely to give away a set number of runs.


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