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Chrissy Teigen Loves To Indulge In Scrambled Eggs


Chrissy Teigen Loves

Show Chrissy Teigen says she adores to enjoy fried eggs made with “overwhelming cream,” however there is not a solitary supper that places her in the state of mind for affection.

Talking about a video meeting for Harper’s Bazaar, Teigen said: “I like my eggs gradually mixed with substantial cream, and salt and pepper. So great.”

Despite the fact that she says she is a major sustenance partner, there is not one specific feast or great treat that gets her in the disposition for a closed session with her better half and artist John Legend.

At the point when asked what cooking turns her on, Teigen stated: “No sustenance. When I encourage John, and when we eat together, we eat, and he feel so full that you’re not going to go up to overnight boarding house ‘How about we do it.'”