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EU-China Summit: high hopes for climate


EU-China Summit

Disillusioned with protectionism and the US government‘s rejection of the low-carbon economic model, the European Union is hoping China pledges to stick with the climate change agreement during a two-day summit in Brussels (June 1-2).


Baffled with protectionism and the US government’s dismissal of the low-carbon economic model, the European Union is trusting China promises to stay with the environmental change assertion amid a two-day summit in Brussels (June 1-2).

It’s an arrangement that is likewise to China’s greatest advantage, as indicated by Xinning Song, an educator at Brussels Academy for China-EU Studies.

“China has an enormous issue of air contamination, particularly in Beijing. Furthermore, additionally, I think the arrangement for China residential’s monetary advancement is evident: the green economy is one of the needs of China’s approach,” he said.

European Parliament


Exchange and venture are likewise on the plan. Europe has blamed Beijing for savage evaluating and says the administration has meddled in the economy.

However, as indicated by the European Parliament, the EU now looks more open to quickening and Investment Agreement, which has been under arrangement since 2013.

Euronews addressed MEP Jo Leinen, the leader of the European Parliament’s appointment for relations with China.


“We are searching for reasonable exchange and fair rivalry and, in this manner, we look forward to the Investment Agreement and an atmosphere statement that develops our participation. We ought not to speak excessively about belief systems but rather more on practical arrangements,” he said.

Counter-psychological warfare, cyber security and strategic endeavors to deal with the atomic risk from North Korea are likewise up for dialog between the two accomplices.