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White House faces new questions on Russia investigation


Russia investigation

Russia investigation

President Trump tweeted that his son, Donald Trump Jr., is being “scorned” by “Fake News Media” while a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found 63 percent of Americans think Trump Jr.’s meeting with at least two well-connected Russians was inappropriate.


White House faces new questions on Russia investigation Video


Trump Remarks to Russians ‘Entirely Appropriate.’

Mr. McMaster just said whatever Mr. Trump said to the Russians in the Oval Office a week ago was “steady with routine sharing of data.”

He wouldn’t affirm regardless of whether Mr. Trump had shared knowledge taken from the partner, as revealed Monday night.

“That discussion was entirely suitable… with what the desires are of our knowledge accomplices,” he said.

He repeated that he, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security assistant Dina Powell were in the room “and none of us thought in any capacity that that discussion was improper.”